Accounting And Bookkeeping Services


It is necessary to keep records of company’s financial transactions done throughout the year in the form of proper books or documents, and in a file format. This process is so called as Bookkeeping, which is required to be followed by all small to large level companies in Singapore.
Singapore Incorporation Services are offering valued bookkeeping services Singapore for corporate firms in Singapore in order to facilitate them for maintaining records of their accounts, financial transactions, statements, annual returns, etc., in a file format or in documents that will be kept secure by our professionals for future endeavors. Our bookkeeping services are based upon Singapore Companies Act., and will be managed by our team precisely. Moreover, you will get assistance in business and finance management as well as decision making to streamline company’s financial records easily.

Our bookkeeping services Singapore are governed by rules of ACRA and IRAS that will help businesses to maintain their accounts and get rid of unwanted penalties for business. We have a team of dedicated and experienced accountants and taxation experts. Who are capable of maintaining accounts of client’s business and can compile yearly account with ACRA and IRAS for annual XBRL report submission. We can help businesses in maintaining their accounts timely and efficiently with accuracy.

You do not need to be worried about accounting and finance records of business to maintain, as we can serve you with fully professional and confidential bookkeeping and accounting services Singapore for business at affordable charges. We provide you with complete range of bookkeeping services that will be reliable, cost-effective, functional, and legal as well.

No worries, if you have a newly launched company in Singapore and do not how to apply for bookkeeping and accounting services in the country. We have set a full package for new companies in Singapore that will enable them to avail all types of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial related services in one package. The existing businesses in Singapore, which already have prepared books and accounts they can also call us to avail our services of advance level and for non-obligatory discussion. Our charges for bookkeeping and accounting services Singapore depend upon the volume of accounting works or financial transactions you have made throughout the year.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Singapore may include following things, but are not limited:


– Complete management of company’s account on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.

– Settlement of all banking requirements of client’s business.

– Maintaining general ledger of accounts.

– Preparing customized financial reports of company to manage its annual expenses, balance sheet, financial report, loss balance sheet, trial balance, etc.

– Maintaining schedule of annual audit of client’s company.

– Complete analysis of company’s financial results.

– Handling backlog of company’s account and financial works.

– Provide service for fixed assets ledger maintenance too.

– Management of company’s budget and cash flow.

– Maintenance of accounts payable ledger.

– Accurate management of accounts receivable.

– Aging report for account payables and receivables.

– Account’s management reporting.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services may include following things,

but are not limited:

– Stringent review and management of your company’s account and its financial documents such as delivery notes, bank statements, purchase invoices, sales invoices, inward notes, etc. All will be done effectively in order to maintain ledger of account of your business timely.

– We help our customers to do drafting of their accounts and financial statements or expenses that will be governed by Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) for legal submission.

– We assist the client to understand all corporate rules and regulations to the new companies in Singapore and will help them to manage their accounts and financial reports adequately as per government norms.

– We will be right there for you to assist at every step of accounting and finance related works to be done and preparing reports for the same as per the rules.

– We provide skilled accountants and financial experts to manage your company’s account and all financial transaction reports as well as keep them safe in records for future reference.

Thus, we are committed to serve our patrons with cutting-edge, fully organized, and professional accounting and bookkeeping services that will help them in their businesses to manage requirements related to accounts, financial transactions, and other monetary management needs in business in a professional way.

Accounting is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any business and it needs to be handled with utmost care. Singapore Incorporation is one of the most reliable agencies when it comes to accounting services in Singapore. Our agency offers all-inclusive accounting services Singapore to give your business an excellent competitive edge. With our accounting assistance, your Company can surely attain a great reputation. Most importantly, we will help your Company fulfill the IRAS and ACRA compliance always in time.

We can put every account related thing in its right place irrespective of the current position of your Company. Over the years, many companies have largely benefited from our bookkeeping services in Singapore. On top of that, our experienced staffs will fully comprehend your financial goals and you can always rest assured of the best accounting advice from our accounting staff without having to pay any extra charge for it. Most importantly, this will certainly leave you with a better piece of mind to focus on your core business. -Here are the various accounting services that we offer:

Cloud Accounting

Have you ever heard of Cloud Computing? With our Cloud Computing software, you can perform accounting operations anytime and anywhere over the internet. Also, it works equally well on all devices and browsers as it runs on the server. Ever since Cloud Computing evolved, it has brought about a huge flexibility for a lot of businesses and furthermore, one doesn’t need to have a background in accounting to use Cloud computing. We offer two types of Cloud Computing service; Xero Cloud Accounting Software and QuickBooks Online Services.

Compilation Financial Statement

In Singapore, it is mandatory for companies other than the private or dormant companies to file their audited reports to ACRA and for that, a Company needs to appoint an auditor within 3 months from the date of its incorporation. Once an auditor is appointed, it will be the auditor’s responsibility to audit the accounts of your Company before every annual submission. We can assure you of the best auditing service through our associated audit firms.

XBRL Financial Report

On 1 November 2007, ACRA made it mandatory for incorporated organizations in Singapore to submit their financial statements in XBRL. For those of you who aren’t much aware of XBRL, it stands for Extensive Business Reporting language which is specially used for presenting financial statements in light of online records or exchanges. The records can be exchanged specifically to auditors, and financial analysts, for various purposes. XBRL offers additional financial data, enhanced straightforwardness, reliability, and convenient dispersal of important financial data.

Bookkeeping Service

We offer proper accounting management to ensure that you submit your annual audited financial statements duly to ACRA and IRAS. Our accountants are highly reliable as well as proficient at their work that comprises day-to-day account maintenance, drafting of financial statements, providing useful financial insight about your company.

Setup of Accounting System

Accounting and bookkeeping are indispensable to every Company, be it small or big. We have years of experience to help you set up the most suitable accounting system for your organization which, of course, will require the use of the right accounting software. This will certainly improve the efficiency to a large extent in terms of recording and analyzing financial data.

What you will be expecting from us?

1.We will review and organize your financial documents (sales invoices, purchase invoices, delivery notes, goods inwards note, bank statements, etc) to maintain your accounts ledger in a timely manner.

2.We will assist the drafting of financial statements in accordance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) for statutory submissions.

3.We will help monitor statutory compliance and regulation issues and guide you to ensure that you understand all the accounts reports.

4.We will be working closely with you to address to your business’ accounting needs.


Every business in Singapore needs to prepare its annual financial transaction report that should be followed by norms of SFRS (Singapore Finance Reporting Standard). However, it is meant to give right details of your company’s yearly financial status and earnings to the government and evaluate genuine income tax to be paid to the authorities (ACRA and IRAS) as per profit earned annually by the company.

Singapore Incorporation Services are committed to serve businesses of all levels in Singapore and help them in preparing their financial and accounting reports in an accurate manner. For this, we have appointed a team of skilled accounting and finance professionals, who have depth knowledge of developing financial reports of corporate businesses and managing their submission process to ACRA and IRAS authorities in Singapore. Our team will assist at every step of financial report preparing and submission process and will finally get the job done in favor of your company for sure.

If you have Exempt Private Company (EPC), you do not need to be worried about preparing annual financial report, as an EPC company is the company, which has no corporate shareholder and its maximum number of shareholders can be 20 or less. Moreover, ECP and dormant companies in Singapore having annual revenue below than S$10M will be exempted from taxes as well as no financial reporting is needed to be done. This is in accordance to the norm followed by Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50. Thus, the EPC companies have choice to do auditing of their accounts as per requirement. But it is suggested to do so, as it will help companies to reduce their business operating costs too.

So, if your company comes under Exempt Private Company (EPC) category and you have chosen for not to do audit of accounts, you will have to apply for unaudited accounts rather audited accounts to the authorities in Singapore. You should submit details of unaudited accounts along with director’s report. Make sure the director’s statement is prepared in compliance with Singapore Companies Act and Singapore Finance Reporting Standards (SFRS) too. If you are unable to manage all the things on your own, you should approach to us and apply for financial reporting and accounting services to prepare financial statement for unaudited accounts. To get this job done, we have appointed accounting and financial professionals’ team, which handles all the accounts auditing and finance report preparing works of clients as per industry norms.

The companies, which are liable to file finance report or account auditing report, they should appoint a professional auditor in-house in their firms within three months of incorporation. Also, the companies need to submit audited reports of account and finance to the ACRA authority on time. Make sure, you have audited accounts annually with accuracy and have genuine report of it too.

Services Offered By Us for Financial Reporting Are:

– Prepare accurate financial report of client’s company as per norms of FRS and Singapore Companies Act.
– Providing you with relevant suggestions for accounting and finance related issues
– Timely reminder of account auditing and finance report submission deadlines

Our Best Offered 3-in-1 Compliance Package  available at S$980 (U.P.) S$1,190) Only

We entertain our patrons by offering valued 3-in-1 Compliance Package that concludes the following services at different charges:

– Company Secretarial Works — U.P. $S 380
– Tax Compilation — U.P. $S 180
– Compilation of Financial Report — U.P. $S 600
– Submission of Estimated Chargeable Income — U.P. $30


What is XBRL Financial Reporting?

XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) is a global framework that permits businesses to share their financial information anytime and anywhere in the world. The XBRL reporting is done in a semantic form for business reporting. Most of the companies do use XBRL reporting method for financial statement exchange probably. Apart from that, you can also transfer business performance report, and accounts details to higher authorities in Singapore like ACRA and IFRS through XBRL financial reporting method.

The ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) has been announced on 30 September, 2013 that all XBRL filing requirements of businesses in Singapore will get into the process from 2 December, 2013.  Now, the government has introduced an online XBRL financial reporting source named as BizFinx, which is a portal designed for submitting financial reports and annual returns of the business too. Apart from that, the ACRA authority in Singapore has also implemented another filing option for companies for applying their financial statements in XBRL format. This format was started by the government on 1 November, 2007.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services are entertaining our patrons with the best XBRL financial reporting services as per their business needs. We have expertise in transferring client’s all financial services into XBRL format and can apply for the same on their behalf as well.


Who Need To Apply for XBRL Filing?

The businesses in Singapore, which have unlimited or limited shares and good revenue, they all need to prepare their financial statements or accounting reports annually and turn them into XBRL format to submit to the ACRA authority. This is according to the Minimum Requirement List, mentioned in the new ACRA Taxonomy, 2013 (Full XBRL). On the other end, the filing option B (Partial XBRL) and FS Manager will not be available to use anymore for filing financial reporting.


Why Need XBRL Filing?

XBRL is a reliable business communication language or framework that enables companies and managements to exchange the financial information or data and do the needful research and analysis of them via online mode. This mode of financial communication makes easy for businesses to transfer their financial statements through electronic mode with utmost safety.

At present, many companies in Singapore are filing their financial reporting or statements in PDF format. But, ACRA prefers to opt the XBRL filing method by the businesses that will help them to streamline their financial statement transferring process to the international community and business partners with accuracy and security too. However, the companies in Singapore have been adopting the XBRL filing system that makes easy to do financial reporting and exchanging of monetary information to the relevant recipients in the world in a transparent way.

Thus, XBRL format makes convenient to access financial statement or data by tagging it with source machine directly. Thus, it becomes easy for user’s system to retrieve the data or financial information from genuine source without any copy pasting or entering any security code. In XBRL filing, you can tag data in the form of text, numbers, and quantitative data as well. Thus, there are so many advantages of using XBRL format for filing financial statement, data transfer, and collection process to done automatically through electronic tagging method.


Businesses Which Do Not Need to File Financial Statement Are:

– The companies having private limited tag

– Foreign companies having local branches in Singapore

– Finance companies, banks, and insurance firms, whose operations and financial activities are governed by Financial Authority     in Singapore.

– The companies having permission of preparing accounts as per standard laws of SFRS (Singapore Financial Reporting Standards) or other international financial reporting standards.

Note: If you have solvent exempt private company (EPCs) then your firm will be free from filing financial statement (FS) to ACRA.

But, if you have insolvent exempt private company (EPCs), then you need to apply for FS as per ACRA law in the XBRL format too. Moreover, the Insolvent EPCs may have more options to file their FS with ACRA such as:

– Preparing a complete statement in XBRL format.

– Preparing and full financial statement in PDF format and FS highlights in XBRL format.

– The companies having private limited tag by guarantee will have to submit financial statement in PDF format to ACRA.

– The foreign investors or new companies in Singapore will also need to submit their FS in PDF format to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)


Which Businesses Are Excluded For Applying XBRL Filing?

The companies lie under some standards or corporate laws and are not applicable for filing XBRL report for their financial transactions or statements in Singapore, are as follows:

– Commercial banks

– Registered Insurance companies

– Merchant banks

– Corporate companies having good turnover

– High standard finance companies

All above financial firms and corporate companies may lie under the law of filing XBRL report of their annual financial statements in the PDF form that should be converted into XBRL report to submit to the ACRA and SFRS authorities in Singapore.

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