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What is Auditing?

Auditing is a process of financial examination of a company’s annual revenue, financial records and statements, etc., to find out are they correct as per the statuary norms or not?

What is an auditor?

An auditor is the professional, who does audit of company’s financial lose and profits accurately as per the law. There are two types of auditors:

Internal Auditors: They are responsible to do internal audit of a company and work as employees of the organization.

External Auditors: They come from outside the company or from external sources to do accurate analysis of your company’s account and financial records and will give independent results of company’s audit.

Why Need Auditing for Company?

Auditing of a company is an important step in favor of organization to maintain stability in its accounting and financial works. Also, it enables companies to generate accurate accounting and financial reports or statements to file annual return to the government. Moreover, this process helps companies to detect and control financial loses and frauds in their organizations. Thus, it is a useful step to streamline all financial loopholes of the company and file right taxable amount to the government.

Auditing Services in Singapore

In Singapore, the companies having annual revenue less than S$ 1 million, they do not need to go for auditing of their accounts. However, the auditing is also the concern of revenue generated by the companies annually. If your company’s revenue is above the threshold, then you need to apply auditing services for firm. In Singapore, there is no specific rule for qualifying auditing process for company’s account. But, it is a good practice for organizations to maintain their financial records, account, and annual expenses by adopting auditing service of accounting experts in the industry.

We at, Singapore Company Incorporation Pte., Ltd., are ready to assist companies in Singapore to provide them with highly-organized and accurate auditing services, which will comply as per industry norms. We have affiliated audit firm that will provide you with quality auditing services for your company from scratch.

Our affiliated auditing services are focused on financial statements and records of the client’s business and will keep track the flow of company’s operations as well. To manage our auditing work, we have skilled auditors, who hold massive experience in company’s auditing activities and know how to manage the process accurately to detect all financial records, statements, and monetary status of client’s business.

Our Team of Independent Auditors

We take pride in having a team of finest independent auditors, who have vast experience in varied auditing services based upon strong accounting principles. They are aware of standard and advance norms of accounting, business process, operations, accounting software and financial planning, which can benefit the companies in future. So, it would be wise, if you avail services of affiliate independent auditors of us for accurate and reliable auditing of your company.

Our auditing professionals are reliable and believe in open communication about client’s business issues and will suggest right solutions for them as well. They understand the client’s business and its account as well as finance related issues and will do the needful for company through legal ways.

How We Help Our Clients

We enable our patrons to avail accurate and reliable auditing services that will concentrate on the risk areas of client’s business like operations, financial matters, and accounting issues too. To manage all such issues, we have affiliated auditors, who are skilled enough to streamline all accounting and financial problems in company and will track all records explicitly to give accurate computation report of company’s annual expenses. Thus, we can assure you to enhance effectiveness of your business and prevent it from internal frauds too.


We have expertise in few more areas such as:


  • Complete Internal Audit of Company

  • External Auditing

  • Compliance Auditing

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Due Diligence
  • Forensic Accounting
  • And other special audits of company


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