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We are affiliated with a reputable law firm.

Our clients deserve only the best. Therefore, we always make sure that we serve our clients with utmost dedication and resolve legal issues with their best interest at heart. We promise to provide every client with quality legal services which are client-oriented and economically viable at the same time.

Having a keen appreciation in the time sensitivity of business and financial transactions, we are dedicated to deliver unparalleled quality work within the stipulated time period. We are also fully committed to forging a long lasting relationship with our clients and the results can be reflected by the large number of clients who have repeatedly engaged us to be their legal advisors.

Our Specialised Work:



Our lawyers have many years of experience in areas such as civil dispute, commercial litigation, criminal advocacy and family resolution. Our lawyers are what you need if you are looking at litigation.





Personal Injury

We will be there with you when you need us the most. There would certainly be periods of distress after certain traumatic experiences such as motor or industrial accidents. However, we will be there to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation due to you, making sure that your loved ones are well taken care of. You can therefore devote all your efforts into recovering and planning out for your future.



Corporate & Business

We offer assistance and advisory services to international and Singapore clients on a comprehensive range of business issues and transactions. These transactions include business formation, company administration, corporate transactions, commercial deals, intellectual property rights, employment, and other transactional assignments.


Real Estate

A wide myriad of clients come to us for advice on real estate dealings in Singapore. Clients approach us for advice on matters ranging from sale and purchase to leasing, across all property types. As a testimony to our spotless track record, we are listed on the panel of all major banks in Singapore and the Central Provident Fund Board.




Divorce & Family Matters

We present a non-adversarial intervention to resolve family disputes. We understand that divorce and family disputes can be emotionally and financially draining. These disputes often lead to situations where family members are being drawn into senseless fights, which cloud their judgement. It is our belief that family matters do not belong in the court room.






We advise international clients who wish to enter Singapore either on a permanent or temporary basis with bespoke immigration solutions. We  also work closely with our overseas counterparts to counsel clients who wish to migrate to Australia and Ireland.




Wills, Estate Planning & Probate

It is a misconception that estate planning is only for people who are wealthy or of a high net worth. Family members can fight over even the most modest of assets arising from defective will or the absence of one. Before it is too late, we are suggesting estate planning to you if you would want your legacy to be distributed according to your wishes after your death. This would ensure that your assets are allocated and distributed in an orderly manner.




Criminal Defense

Run foul of the law? Speak with us to understand your legal rights and let us ensure that you are not deprived of your fundamental rights without due process of law.

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