Business Advisory

Business Advisory ServiceWhat is Business Advisory Service?

To run business smoothly and strategically, you often need business advisory services, which are designed specifically for those, who are unable to find lacking areas in the business and fulfill them on time. Most of the start-up businesses in Singapore do require business advisory services in order to find right avenues to proceed and setup their feet in the competitive corporate industry. Here, business advisory services may involve consultation services regarding time management, currency, culture, corporate norms, language, and so on. You will get the best advisory service for all such areas in the business from experts of the industry at out end. Thus, you will have come to know the importance of business advisory services for all level enterprises in Singapore.


Who Are Business Advisors?

Business advisors are the professionals or consultants, who have depth knowledge of businesses of different domains and also have awareness of corporate norms, legal processes, and documents works required for starting new businesses in Singapore. Also, they have enough experience in managing specific requirements of a business and will provide right advice or consultation to the owner to get rid of lacking areas in the business smartly.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services have innovative and professionally trained business advisors, who have skills and knowledge of all sorts of corporate norms for businesses in Singapore. Also, they can help new businesses in Singapore to grow legally in and will suggest all documentation works as well as legal formalities to be done to run business smoothly in the country.


Business Valuation

We provide you with the best business valuation services, which are based upon three methodologies such as:

  • Market Approach
  • Cost Approach
  • Income Approach


What is Market Approach? 

The Market Approach of business advisor lets you to know about recent paid for assets of same kinds. Moreover, it will give you a fair idea about competitive prices and utility of the assets matching to the market trends. Besides, you will also get the knowledge of secondary market and variety in the products available in similar categories too.


What is Cost Approach?

 The Cost Approach of business emphasizes on the prices of the products and cost of trending services available in the market. The cost approach gives indication of actual value of assets as well as physical and functional approach of them without knowing secondary market.


What is Income Approach?

 The Income Approach enables an informed buyer not to pay any more for the project than the market value of it and do not go on predictable future income or other benefits suggested by the marketers. However, it will enhance the income approach of the owner and lead from the front in the competitive business industry.


Financial and Tax Due Diligence Services in Singapore

Every lender, buyer, seller, or a business owner needs to be aware of all possible benefits and risks associated with their businesses and do the needful for them in advance. For this purpose, they need to arrange all required things like finance, manpower, tax, and due diligence, which can help buyers and lenders to plot their right strategies to remove stumbling blocks of business and eliminate costly mistakes too. Moreover, it will also help business owners to recognize their strengths and lacking areas in the business to remove them smartly.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services,  provide you with highly accurate and secure finance and tax due diligence as well as transaction support services for businesses in Singapore. We help sellers, buyers, and lenders in the country to manage all types of transactional situations and needs of businesses too. Moreover, we assist financial buyers to correlate with historic records of finance and targeted businesses by reviewing results of previous assets, their purchase records, and other financial performances as well as earnings of the company.

We aim to obtain all legal proofs and evidences for the amount spend in business transactions and other requirements too. Besides, we help enterprises to deliver records of all amount mentioned in the financial statement or account’s record by following right procedure of verifying, checking, and vouching done by industry experts or third party professionals in the market.

Our accounting and taxation professionals are directed to the best assessment of client’s business and give prior report of business taxes, interest rate, amortization, etc., in advance. However, it will help owners to identify risks and benefits associated with corporate business to setup in Singapore.

The requirement for financial and tax due diligence may depend upon the size and complexity of the target, size of monetary transaction, and other finance factors too. But, tax due diligence excludes the audit and any sort of verification of information, but it may depend upon the requirement of vendor and type of business engagement done with him. Thus, we take pride in catering fully professional and business-centric financial and tax due diligence services to our valued patrons in Singapore at affordable charges.


Business Advisory ServicesBudgets and Cash Flow Forecasts


What is a Budget? 

The budget of a company refers to the estimation of revenue or annual expenses of the organization done throughout the year. In other words, you can say budget is a financial representation of an organization’s strategy. The budget of a company may depend upon its level or paid-capital of the firm. However, the small level enterprise will have low budget and a multi-national company may have large turnover to finalize the budget or calculate annual expenses of the organization.  A company generally creates budgets for:


  • Budgeted sales
  • Budgeted production figures
  • Budgeted costs, etc.

Benefits of Budgeting

 The process of planning budgeting is a quite complex that requires experts’ supervision. There are several benefits of planning for budgeting of the company such as:

  • Do right analysis of company’s financial standard and plan it for next year easily.
  • Understand the growth rate of company by comparing budget estimation of previous and current year.
  • Plan for future income, expenses, and savings to achieve future goals of the organization.
  • Come across the financial implications and their requirements for business growth.
  • Proper distribution of finance to fulfill needs of the business.

Why Choose Us for Budgeting?

 We at, Singapore Incorporation Services are committed to deliver reliable and quality rich business budgeting services, which are based upon industry standard too. We help all small to large level businesses in Singapore to plan for their budgets strategically and earn the profit than the investment done in the financial year. Also, we provide you with fully trained and professional accounting and taxation experts, who hold experience in planning budget of the businesses as per their capital or revenue.

An effective budgeting needs concrete planning that should be risk free and includes all aspects of finance and expenses of the business too. However, every company has to plan for it smartly under the guidance of budgeting experts. We provide you with a professional budget expert to assist you in planning annual budget in an adequate way.

Over the years, we have been served many stakeholders, sellers, and businesses in Singapore for budgets of their businesses as per the industry norms. However, we take pride in catering highly secure and risk free budgeting services to our patrons and have helped them to get right calculation of finance and share their capital to invest for specific needs of business to be fulfilled.

 What is Cash Flow Forecast?

 Cash Flow Forecast is the right estimation of a company’s finance or amount that is spent or received over the period of time. There two types of cash flows seen. One is positive cash flow and second is negative cash flow.

Positive Cash Flow: If you receive money in business more than spend on it, it is so called as positive cash flow in the business.

 Negative Cash Flow: If you receive less money than the investment in the business, then it’s known as negative cash flow of business.


What is IFRS?  

IFRS stands for International Finance Reporting Standards, which is a set of accounting rules that are designed by the non-profit organization named as IASB (International Accounting Standard Board).

 IFRS is a global language or accounting tool, which facilitates businesses around the world to manage their finance and accounting works anytime and anywhere. However, it enables businesses online to manage their accounts and generate IRFS repots of business as per the International standards of the IFRS.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services do provide you with professional IFRS reporting services for your business and will help you in generating accurate IFRS report of accounting and finance of business as per industry standards. For this goal, you will be provided with experienced IFRS reporting experts and accounting professionals too. They will assist you in converting local finance statements to IFRS report of business with firm accuracy.

Forensic Investigations Service


Every business seeks for its good reputation and integrity amidst competitors in the industry. To maintain the same, you need to make continuous efforts and try the best possible ways to grow business. Thus, your clients and employees in the company will start relying on you as well as work with your company for a long term. But, what happens, when your company’s reputation affects by outsider or any culprit?

How would you take it, when your company’s confidential data gets lost or stolen by online hackers? It will really give you set back to have such online business threats that will directly impact reputation of the company in the industry. Moreover, it will lower down trust of customers as well as employees on your organization. Thus, there are so many challenges to keep secure the business in every aspect via online and offline modes.

Interestingly, the security challenges in business will lead opportunities to develop more security features and adopt the latest technology tools and techniques to keep secure data, systems, and network of the company from everywhere.

To cope with all security threats in business via online and offline modes, you need to adopt the best security tools and techniques, which can ensure for total security of your business, data, staff, and other confidential things too. So, it will be better, you identify lacking areas in the business, where security breaching is being done and try to eliminate them carefully.

There are a few areas to be focused in forensic investigations service such as:

  1. Corporate intelligence
  • Integrity due diligence is required to provide detail about background, track record, reputation and integrity of business partners.
  • Investigation support helps in cases of fraud, asset tracing, and other problem solving investigations too.
  • Litigation supports to litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation.
  1. Dispute advisory services
  • Expert witness services involve the preparation and presentation of expert’s witness and evidence.
  • International dispute resolution is responsible for assessing risks to determine the value of claims and evidence collation.
  • Business and share valuations serve you to share and business assessment in the context of legal action.
  • Forensic transaction services involve drafting or reviewing of financial sections of Sale and Purchase Agreements.
  • Alternative dispute resolution is needed to act as an expert to assist in accounting related disputes.
  • Competition is required to provide you with advice and guidance on competition issues.
  • Evidence and disclosure management is responsible to capture, process, and review large volumes of data and evidence.
  1. Forensic Technology
  • Digital Evidence Recovery
  • Evidence and Discovery Management
  • Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Data Analytics
  1. Fraud risk management
  • Is responsible to conduct assessment of the nature of fraud and misconduct risks and existing controls too.
  • Needs to design ethics, compliance programs and related anti-fraud controls in a consistent manner with regulatory criteria and industry practices.
  • Is required to implement programs and controls through the assignment of responsibilities and deployment of resources.
  • Needs to evaluate program and control effectiveness in achieving their goals.
  1. Global Investigation

6. Intellectual property and contract governance  

7. Regulatory compliance

  • Anti-Money laundering services
  • Anti-Bribery & corruption services

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