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The idea to start a Company in Singapore is certainly a brilliant idea considering the rich infrastructure of the place. In fact, setting up a Company in Singapore is a dream of a lot of aspiring businessmen from all over the world. However, it may not be as easy as it seems in practical terms. As a matter of fact, every foreigner who intends to start a Company in Singapore must fulfill all the legal formalities associated with Company incorporation Singapore. This is where a lot of people actually get way too confused and some even back off from their idea. However, those days are gone when one might have to give up one’s dream of starting one’s business in Singapore out of being intimidated by the complexities of Company Incorporation Singapore.

Setting up Your Company in Singapore without the

Slightest Difficulty

Nowadays, you can find agencies that can help you incorporate your Company in the most appropriate way. However, only a few of them are actually very reliable and we are certainly one of those few agencies. We helped many Companies with their Company incorporation in Singapore. We have had a wonderful journey so far and all along this journey. But one thing in our mind that is to help more and more people set up their businesses in Singapore without having to face the slightest difficulty. Furthermore. Ever since we started. We have been constantly trying to offer you the most cost-effective solutions and in fact. This is one of the reasons that made us hugely popular over the years.

Hire Us Only After You Are Fully Convinced With

Our Track Record

You may visit our website to check out all our services as well as our outstanding track record. After you are fully convinced, you may give us a call anytime. Once you hire our incorporation services, You can rest assured of the quickest and smoothest Company incorporation. Most importantly, all along the process. We will ensure that we don’t bother you with anything and you could focus on your core business without having to worry about anything pertaining to the setting up of your Company. It is our years of experience that will make the process quick and free from any disruption. On the contrary, As one tries to handle it on one’s own, there’s a great possibility for one to go wrong with a lot of things which will eventually make the process necessarily lengthy and frustrating.

Our Services

Include the Following Things:

  • Get Services for Applying Naming of the Company
  • Apply for E- Certificate of Incorporation (Optional, Gazette fees applies)
  • Get the FREE Service for Developing Company Constitution
  • Get FREE Service of Office Address Registration for 1st year.
  • Avail FREE Company Business Profile Service.
  • Get FREE Company Share Certificates.
  • Payout to ACRA for Appointing Named Secretary.
  • Provide Company Secretary to Handle Company’s Matters.
  • Do Fill Registration Forms Carefully.
  • Upgrade of Minutes and Share Register Book
  • Do Prepare Minutes for AGM.
  • Conducting First Board Meeting for Company’s Resolutions.
  • Prepare Director’s Resolutions For Company
  • Provide Professional Consultation with Corporate Secretarial Issues
  • Reminders For Auto filing
  • Get General Seal
  • Get Company Stamp

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